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Multi-Axis 3D DIW Printers

Reverse Engineer the part to be processed, project surface geometry onto scanned model, import composite model into CAM Software, automatically generate 5-Axis Nozzle Toolpaths, reverse engineer the print engine to find center and tip of nozzle, execute part  program to precisely dispense fluid onto 3D surface of the component, photo cure if required.


Process Roadmap

On Machine Non-Contact Tool Setters allow for the Calibration of the print head assemblies prior to fluid deposition. The Ultra-High Accuracy laser tool setters automatically find the center and tip of the Nozzle and include those variables in the configuration set-up for Nozzle Center Point Control.

Process Technology

Reverse Engineer

Not only do we reverse engineer the part in space but we'll also reverse engineer the print engine assembly to find the center and tip of the nozzle prior to printing.

Nozzle Path Generation

In the world of 5-Axis Applications it is impossible to fully exploit the possibilities of the System without having a sophisticated CAM Software Solution to generate the 100,000s of lines of G-Code to control the 5 Axes.

Soft/Hard Simulation

The CAM Software Package has a Utility to Simulate Motion in a Virtual Setting, in addition to the soft simulation the System incorporates a linear displacement transducer to physically simulate the real world application

Servo Modulated Dispense Rate

Unlike most DIW Systems that incorporate a Binary On/Off Pump System, Our Systems seamlessly integrate the motion control hardware for the pump system to modulate the rate of the dispense servomotor to match the vector velocity of the nozzle tip in space.

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