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Why Choose REI 5-Axis 3D Printer

Hybrid Processing Technology

From Laser Scanning of the Net Shape Part for processing to physical simulation of the deposition process to the controlled fluid dispensing on the 3D complex-contoured surface.

Advanced Processing Algorithms

Inverse Kinematic Transformation algorithm allows the machine to be programmed in the part coordinate system and Part Speed PSO algorithm automatically controls the dispense rate of the pump system to match the vector velocity of the nozzle tip.

All Air Bearing Cartesian Framework

All air bearing construction of the linear guideways of the multi-axis system assures the precision movement and no wear relationship of the metrology frame.

      Future Proof - Unlimited Integration

The multiple mechanical, kinematic breakpoints on the 4th and 5th Axes allows for a multitude of payloads to be integrated and allow for various processes to be performed. 

Metrology, Non-Destructive Testing and Dispensing


Our Customers

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